For most of us, our home is our primary asset. Far more important is that our home is the place we raise and nurture our family. It is our sanctuary from the pressures of this sometimes too busy world. The home should primarily be a functional, workable space for each of the individual needs of the family members but also a place of beauty that reflects our personalities and styles.

Furniture by Design was established in 2002 to address the failure of the existing home furnishings market to fulfill these realities.

We begin with an assessment of your existing space. We apply fundamental interior design principles with space planning concepts to determine which pieces you already have that can be retained and decide which pieces do not work with your concept.

The foundation of any home, collectively, and any room, individually, is the furniture. Furniture by Design gives you the ultimate choice in furniture styles, materials, fabrics and dimensions. We offer custom-made furniture, designed to your specified criteria, in a wide variety of fabrics. If you can conceive it, we can deliver it.

The concept we believe that works, simply put is:

(i) Apply fundamental interior design principles to assess your living space.
(ii) Create a space plan that addresses the fixed space and your needs.
(iii) With that information in mind, choose furniture for the long term.
(iv) Accessories, window treatments and other items can be added, and changed (without significant expense) as needed.

We all know those who have spent a significant amount of money for wonderful pieces of furniture and somehow, their home does not work. Should you choose Furniture by Design for your home furnishings needs, your home shall be the place you always wish to be and the place you cannot wait to share with your friends and family.